Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Guns and the politics of Fear

Check out this clip first.

Very interesting segment from Rick Sanchez. It is a point I very much agree with. The wingnuts in the media and politics run their mouth but either don't understand or choose to ignore the consequences that follow as a result of psychos that follow their words.

You have them talking about President Obama being a socialist and spreading fear into their followers. Ever since Barack Obama became a realistic candidate for Presidency I have feared for the man's life. This country doesn't have a good history as far as charismatic and smart people in the political landscape. The wingnuts certainly aren't helping ease my fears either. You have disgraces like Michelle Bachman talking about starting a revolution. You have Fox "News" day in and day out spreading fear and the same goes for Wingnut radio guys like Limbaugh.

I for one hope someone in the future is smart enough to pass some legislation banning guns but I'm not holding my breath on that one. Just look at Washington as an example. There were discussing voting rights for the city.....and in order to give the people of Washington that basic democratic right.....they eased the guns laws in the city. Great idea. As @meaganbond said on twitter recently "the good news: DC one step closer to voting rights the bad news: we'll have to wear bulletproof vests to the polls."

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