Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Let's have a (Tea) Party!

So as you might have world right wing nutcases all across the country will be having "tea parties" tomorrow on Tax Day...April 15th. ::Pause for Laughter::

Tea Parties. Yup, the people who brought you the likes of "freedom fries" are now moving on to tea parties to protest....well I don't think even they know what exactly. It has become an umbrella event for pretty much anyone that dislikes President Obama and yes that includes ignorant racists. Would this even be an issue if Barack Obama was white? It really speaks to the sad state of affairs in this country in 2009. Completely embarrassing.

Someone humor me for a moment here. What exactly are these crazy people trying to accomplish? Someone might want to give these people a history lesson about the Boston Tea Party. The protesters there weren't protesting taxation....but rather taxation without representation...hence the eventual overthrow of the British. What exactly is the goal here? Are these people trying to start a "revolution" as crazy lady/congresswoman Michelle Bachman described it? Are they going to attempt an overthrow (not that I don't like our chances against them)?

Would you trust gun toting right wing psychos? Want to have tea with some? Check this out....it's like it's taken straight from one of the Bin Laden training videos. Yes...those are kids learning to shoot guns you see there. Anyone wanna bet that these are the same people that blame school shootings on video games?

Has everyone seen the document from the Department of Homeland Security that is driving the conservatives crazy? The PDF can be found here. I've been saying for a while...right wing/Christian extremists are some of the biggest threats facing this country and the world. If you don't want to read the full 10 page report Reuters summarized it for you.

Another reason this Tea Party makes not sense:
"Gallup notes that this level of support for current tax levels is “one of the most positive assessments Gallup has measured since 1956.” In nearly all past polls, Gallup adds, a majority said their taxes were too high."

The full article can be found here. Actually do take the time to take a more in depth look at this Gallup Poll. Gallup breaks it down by income groups and as you can see....the more you make the more you complain about your tax bracket. Hilarious stuff.

If you haven't Countdown on MSNBC from last night....well here is the now infamous segment with David Shuster and Lawrence O'Donnel. Included in there is Fox "News" lying....once again. Interesting question from MSNBC here....would these teabag protesters give up Social Security checks or medicare?

Or you know....it could all just be about playing out a childhood fantasy for some of these people. This little event tomorrow gives them a chance to take out their pretty little hats, their pretty little dolls and tea sets and get to play house while the big kids run the country? Do you know anyone going to one of these.....and if so...why haven't you knocked some sense into them yet?

Edit: Late Edit....Rather then throwing out a new post I'll just ask here....Does Texas Governor what state to secede from the union?

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  1. 1st off we are protesting out of control spending. This stimulas will fix todays current mess but will cost Americans their childrens future. The economists have said are economy will improve over the next 2 years but will then spiral down at a super fast pace by 2012. Yes we would still protest if Pres. Obama was white. How typical of a far left to start name calling. There maybe some ignorant racists @ the Tea Party but they do not represent what we stand for. McCain lost bc he stood for higher spending remember he signed the TARP during the campaign. Pres. Obama claimed that he was wrong for signing such things and promised change. Yeah right!
    Fox News Cavuto said they covered the Million Man March and they did. They covered the 10th Anniversary in 2005. I love the way the far left media fail to mention the details and twist things around in hopes of keeping there small amount of viewers. Fox News is the #1 rated and watched cable news source and the other cable news channels are grabbing at straws trying to stay on!


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