Monday, April 13, 2009

Presidential First pitch

One of the oldest traditions in Washington has the President of the Unites States throwing the ceremonial first pitch for one the beltway teams (Senators, Orioles, Nationals) on opening day. Somewhere along the lines baseball and politics ended up mixing together. I don't think you can get elected President if you say you don't like baseball. Most Presidents have had some relation or another with baseball. There has been some buzz in the air recently about whether President Obama will carry on that tradition or not. President Taft started the tradition in 1910 and every President since then has done it at least once. While it is a neat little thing....does anyone really care? And for those of you who believe in might not want the President to throw the first pitch at a game that involves your favorite team.

Over the last couple of days I've been reading around on Twitter,blogs and other sites that President Obama's decision to turn down the invitation to throw first pitch at today's home opener at the Nationals game is "Unamerican." While I know that this reaction is coming from the extreme right who will criticize pretty much anything the man does....I still find it a little funny. I mean, aren't there bigger issues in the world for people to care about then this? Did these same people critize Dubya the 3 years he didn't throw out the first pitch?

While I agree it will be a cool sight tomorrow if President Obama does make his appearance at Nationals Park in his windbreakers and throws a strike in front of what might be the only sellout the Nationals have all it really a make or break thing? Is it really "Unamerican" if he decides to not show up?

Credit to Mike Memoli of "Real Clear Politics" who just a few hours ago posted via twitter
"POTUS sked says he meets w/"senior advisors" at time of 1st pitch at Nationals Park. Don't be shocked, is all I'm sayin."
Gotta say that I agree with him. I fully expect President Obama to be there tomorrow....but I'm not going around attacking him tomorrow if he doesn't show up. I'm sure there are more pressing things on the table then a photo-op....not that it stops anyone from doing so.

Found this list of every ceremonial first pitch thrown by US Presidents. If you have a minute check out these little tidbits on Presidents and baseball. Is it really true that no US President got the ball to the plate from the mound before Bill Clinton?

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