Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I see dumb people....Tea Party Edition

Plenty of classics available today. If you find something please send it to me via twitter,as a comment here or by e-mail. I love how small the crowds were. I mean around 5K in a good spot? Barack Obama drew that many people just by saying "hello"

As I said yesterday....these protesters have no idea what they're protesting. The confusion was best summed by this quote from Mike Memoli - White House reporter for Real Clear Politics:
"A confused Queen Elizabeth II relented and has agreed to repeal the Stamp Act"
They're using an umbrella name and ignorant people from all over are just showing up with the hatred being fed to them by crazy people like Limbaugh, Malkin and Beck.

Just saw this clip over at the Daily Kos. This was CNN interviewing one of the protesters in Chicago. Let's just say eloquence wasn't this guy's thing.

Is this guy really a reporter for Fox?

Fox was messing around with the attendance numbers at the events. Kudos to the Daily Kos for the clip. Take a minute and watch.

Does Fox really be on the record as vouching for secession by states?

Really Beck? Texans aren't screwing around? Do you really think they'll secede from the country? I love how these clowns can say stuff like this with a straight face.

Random fun stuff:
@rkref pointed this story out about a Detroit woman "protesting" in the middle of the streets?

Random radio host from Montgomery, Alabama compares "Tea party" to Rosa Parks' refusal to give up her seat. Can't make this stuff up.

You remember the outrage from yesterday about the DHS memo regarding right wing extremists? Well Fox of all places today reported that the report was actually requested by the Dubya administration and was only recently finished. Read more on that over at Media Matters.

More distortions of the truth from Rush "the comedian" Limbaugh.

Fox makes a mistake in a segment where they're trying to prove this is grassroots.....accidentally put website for group(led by Newt Gingrich) sponsoring the event

Apparently Chick-fil-a in Virginia were helping out with "tea party." No word on whether this was a company wide decision I have sent multiple e-mails to their corporate office since yesterday but still have not heard back from them.

We all know Fox "News" was heavily promoting the events of today....Media Matters looks into it with some more depth.

Gallup poll shows Americans don't mind big government as we try to get out of this recession. Some interesting numbers here.

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post with a good article linking Fox News and the anti-Obama crusaders to today's events.

Some Pictures

Daily Kos

Huffington Post

Think Progress


Some Random ones from the AP

Finally I end with this poll:

Edit: Here is how the late night shows played it out on 4/15.

Full Daily Show segment from 4/15:
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Coverage from Colbert Report:
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  1. I don't know what's more horrifying, these crazy people with signs like "we are the Jews for Obama's oven," or the fact that Fox News has pretty much become a mouthpiece for this kind of extremism.

    Like a child throwing a major tantrum after being told to clean his room, I cannot believe the collective fit that Fox News, talk radio and the Republican Party in general are throwing. You'd think they'd never lost an election before. It's incredibly sad and I fear it will wind up pushing the country backwards, just like when we reignited the culture war under Newt Gingrich's congress.


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