Thursday, April 09, 2009

Glenn Beck wants to be set on fire

Just watch this clip first and I'll continue after that.

How do advertisers let this crap get on the air? Are you kidding me? This is what works for the psychos on the right? This is what people are watching? Am I awake here? This guy is insane. It's a sad state of affairs when Bill O'Reilly is left as the "sane" voice on Fox News. Scary...I know.

Someone send Beck to an institution.....and fast....for his own sake. Really Beck, you want President Obama to set you on fire? "We want common sense"....your words here Beck....How about you exercise some of that yourself. President Obama is disenfranchising people? Really? Why doesn't Beck come out and say something about the mockery the Republicans are making of an election result in Minnesota. Why don't I hear Beck complaining about the Alaska GOP wanting a redo on the Senate elections? Why are the psychos on the right complaining about "Obama's bow" when there are plenty of pictures and videos Bush was literally hands in hand with the Saudi King (google it)?

Once again...let me just say it do advertisers let this crap get on the air? Come on Ruport.....pull this crap off the air.

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